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Diary of a Madman, I mean Ironman

Dear Diary

Tuesday Sept 6th

  • Traveling to Austin today for work, not optimal to travel prior to the Ironman race I am signed up for this weekend but I think the distraction might be good…we will see how it goes? Started packing for Wisconsin, think I have a good start!

Thursday Sept 8th

  • Just arrived home from Austin, great trip, weather in Austin was beautiful, pretty hot in fact…got to finish packing…I have been planning my nutrition for the race and think I have a good plan…water bottles are packed - I will be hydrated this race! No more under hydrating…I am ready! Funny thing just happened, Katherine asked me if I have looked at the weather for Madison on Sunday? That’s weird - maybe I should check…oh crap, I looked, we could have rain…I should look at what I packed and make sure that I have stuff for bad weather - Ok good thing Katherine said that…I didn’t pack anything for rain but now I am set for some rain, always hard to get ready to bike in bad weather this time of year…weather starts cold then you get so hot later on…I will have to deal with it as it comes! Really need to make sure that I do a special thanks for Katherine, she has been soo supportive (the brunches she does after the Sunday long bikes are just above the call of duty!)

Friday Sept 9th

  • Arrived at Brie’s house this morning a few minutes late, hate being late especially when meeting her - she is always on time!! Love driving to the races and race travel in general, always so hopeful and optimistic…feeling really good, fitness is high, even with the twisted ankle earlier in the year and the bike crash last week I feel good…this is gonna be fun…Excited to see my Xtra Mile teammates in the 1/2 Ironman on Saturday and crush it on Sunday…Excited for the XML’ers racing Sunday with me as well…

  • Checked into the hotel…Wow…Awesome…can see the finish line! This is truly a great spot - remember to thank Brie for getting this and all her help to get me this far!

  • I looked at the weather for Sunday…hum? Is it possible that it can rain ALL day…No, it will change by Sunday it always does!!!

  • Going on a ride with Brie, haven’t ever ridden before checking my bike in - really thought it was important, especially after last weeks crash and swapping out the tubes and tires with new ones…The new continental tires and latex tubes seem to ride really nice! Excited to see how much faster my bike will be this year from last…

  • Well glad we did that, my back brake doesn’t seem to be catching as well as I want, wonder if I should bring it to the bike check and have a pro look at it?

  • Had my bike checked…good thing…replaced my back brake pads…really want good brakes on this course! Wonder if I should have asked them to look at the front pads too? I did get them at the same time…no worries, am sure the mechanic thought to do that - that’s what they get paid for, right!

  • Loving the hotel, so close to the race center really adds to the experience!

Saturday Sept 10th

  • So excited for everyone racing today, what a perfect weather day - they are going to crush it! Looked at the weather for tomorrow…its getting worse, can it really rain all day…come on when does it ever rain all day - I’m sure Weather Bug just hasn’t updated yet!!!!

  • Everyone doing the 70.3 crushed it today, bike was so fast for them all…I’m excited to ride fast…so much fun! Bike and Bags checked in…Had to pack my clothes for tomorrow today…really hard to believe that tomorrow is going to be a crap day when today in so freak’n beautiful! I think I have everything I need - wish I had brought few different things from home…I have been trying so hard to make sure that I am prepared for different conditions but it is sooo hard - these conditions are a new level of unpredictable, not really sure how to prepare…

  • Need to get off my feet, spectating these events is strenuous…

  • Bed time - I am scared, looks even worse for tomorrow…all that work for one day and the weather is just shit…not in a good head space…as I look out the hotel window it is getting darker and darker and the wind is picking up…

Sunday Sept 11th

  • Ok, getting up this morning the first thing I did was open the curtains and look out. Diary that was a mistake, think I looked out for 10 minutes…felt like I was watching a TV news cast of a hurricane, wasn’t that bad but I was really focused on the wind - really blowing the tents and banners all around - waiting to see Al Roker out there with a camera crew and mic telling people to stay indoors- Unfortunately, he never came…I come out of my fog to Brie yelling at me to get away from the window! Good Idea…

  • Swim start is always hectic but today its worse for me, usually I am so happy to finish the swim and be on solid ground where I get to eat and drink but today I am afraid to get out of my wetsuit…It’s so warm and cozy - it’s going to be cold without it!!!

  • Well got through the swim, water was warm…Changing area was warm…hoping that I dressed right…Shit it’s cold and wet and I just started…the helix is probably the worse way to start a bike ride today - seems like a sign of things to come…

  • Ok, just started the bike and I lost one of my water bottles going over a bump! FUCK! And when I try to drink from the straw in my aero bottle nothing is coming out…what the hell…Stopped and got off the bike at the first water stop - looks like the straw was clogged with Maurten powder - NOTE TO SELF - Never mix powder in the aero bottle using the straw…always mix outside the bottle and pour in! Stupid mistake, I should know better!

  • Diary I am truly scared, it’s so cold I have been riding the bike for hours, the gloves I bought yesterday aren’t helping they are soaked and making my hands colder, plus I can’t eat my food with them on…my hands look like I have been in a bath tub, white and shriveled up - plus they are struck in the shape of my handle bars and I can move them…Shifting with my left hand is almost impossible!

  • Why do I keep having to pee…really! Its crazy…I can’t even drink enough water to replace how much I am urinating - weird, wonder if something is wrong…

  • Just saw Brie on the bike, looks like we are in similar situations, don’t want her to be in pain but it is in some way comforting to know that what I am feeling is the same for others…what do they say misery loves company?

  • Oh Shit, going down hill is so scary - I am so cold and the downhills make me colder, then I shiver more…holding the bike up is actually challenging…Guess the bike guy didn’t check my front brake, sounds like the plastic of the brake housing is hitting my carbon wheels and making a horrible screeching sound - I don’t think I should use my front brakes for the rest of my ride..Really!

  • Saw Jason, Lauren and Michael on the bike course that was awesome - so nice of them to weather the storm with us!!!! Remember to thank them!

  • Ok almost done, really worried about the urine situation, seems like way to much…

  • Woop-Woop! I am done with the bike and in the Terrace, its warm! Really warm but I can’t get my running shoes on…maybe this is a sign that I shouldn’t run…even though its warm in here It feels like my body temp is going down since I stopped moving??

  • Is it possible that I have to pee again! Yeah, I do…ok, 18 minutes have passed and I am out of T2 - I am shriving sooooo much, in the porta potty I have to hold on to the walls! I can’t do this - I am done…No just run one mile then you can quit, just one mile - I am so cold that actually sounds like the only way to warm up…

  • 1 mile down, not so cold anymore- I wrapped a towel around my neck, Rocky Balboa style…guy complemented my 70’s retro chic look! Ha Ha..

  • At the stadium now and I am actually hot and need to remove the towel…shoot I really like that towel - oh well, C’est la vie!

  • Realizing a lot of stuff now, with a little food in me I’m coming out of my fog! I didn’t eat nearly enough on the bike, it was really hard to eat on the ride due to the conditions but I am making up for it now - I am eating at every aid station, I am legit starving…

  • I have had more Potato Chips today than on any day in my life!!!

  • Saw Jason, Michael and Lauren again - so nice!

  • Diary, it’s still raining - guess it actually can rain all day!

  • Walking up Observatory Hill and two students passes me, really are you kidding me…called them show offs! Not a great sign…

  • The Chick broth is so nice…ran with a young guy (Nate) for a bit told him about the chicken broth, he was grateful - so weird to drink during a race but unless someone tells you it just sounds bad…

  • Getting close to the end, can’t believe this day is actually going to end…I can hear Mike Reilly in the distance “you are an Ironman” - funny today I feel like Aquaman…

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1 Comment

Sep 30, 2022

Great story! I had a lot of the same experiences too. It was a day that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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